Friday, June 08, 2007

what you can accomplish in half an hour

There's a lot, I think. Give birth, bake a cake, pilates, waste time...the list goes on & on, as you all know. I had a craving for chicken, curry & tomatoes..and decided to whip up a nameless dish (though, I'm sure it's got a name somewhere)..ok, it's a version of chicken curry. It turned out really good, especially over jasmine rice.

And while I was browning the chicken, I decided to whip up some brownies. I barely had enough Hershey Cocoa powder, which made me really nervous...but I chopped up a couple of Hershey bars & mixed it in with the batter..and it turned out sooooooo yummy. I didn't get a pic of the before..this was after everyone attacked it!

Now I'm getting hungry...hmm pasta sounds really good right now..and there's that whole, fresh pineapple calling my name....