Monday, July 23, 2007

Fifth Disease..what happened to #'s 1-3???

Soooo ok, it's been a busy month..and I have a new 4-page list of excuses piled up, too. Staying at home is a lot harder than I initially thought, really. I, personally, think I need a raise, 2 times what I make now, at least. but then nada x nada= even more nada. Oh, well, it's a rewarding job, to be sure. Whenever I get back to the working woman's world, it'll be easy peasy stinkyneasy. Nothing..and I mean nothing, comes close to the whirling devishes I have at home. People who have no kids give me THAT look when one (or both) of my boys decide that now is the time to regale the grocery store with songs from Spongebob Squarepants. I only assume that their intolerance stems from not having/wanted kids of their own. At least that's what I tell myself so I can turn apologetically to them & say, "We're practicing for a play." (which isn't exactly a lie, since we have impromptu skits at home, the little maggots are avid performers) Anyways..where was I?? ranting inadvertently sidetracks me...ok, boys...hmmm

Ahh son, connor, a wonderfully affectionate bundle of whine (hold the cheese, please!) on his bad days was handed quite a whopper a couple of weeks ago. He got all these weird squiggly, snake-y lines all over his arms & legs..I had a sneaking suspicion the bane of his toddler days, was back...the mysterious ailment-Fifth Disease. He had gotten this when he was only 14 months old..I thought he had the start of some contagious virus by the looks of it. I was assured, apart from the fever, general fatigue & freaky appearance, it was relatively harmless & hey, he would never get it again. WRONG! The poor guy was plagued with it for a couple of weeks, though not too bad this time. Just mostly on his body. His face didn't get the brunt of it this time..none of that Maori tattoo artwork in red. Now I'm left to wonder, will he get it again later? Should I join a Mothers United Against Fifth Disease group? Or start one if there isn't any? I think I'm going to research this more..just in case the blighted thing comes back to haunt us again....