Wednesday, September 27, 2006

i've started writing again. after a sleepless night..listening to june bugs doing kamikaze on my window screen..i suddenly developed this urge to write something..anything, gibberish, gobblygook...i just felt like grabbing that pen & start scribbling...not that i expect everyone to be wholly enamored of the oft-strange thoughts running through my head..thankfully, some of them are ziiiiiip sooo fast that most of my harebrained ideas are never put to paper..or, *gasp* heaven forbid, implemented!!!

i've been meaning to update my journal for ages now, too..i read my old one...and the last time i wrote anything of importance was the day i got back from the hospital, after giving birth to my beautiful daughter. i wondered why i stopped? it wasn't from lack of interest...i think i lost my pen or some such pathetic excuse i gave to that niggling, annoying voice in my head that often cropped up in such inoppurtune times..such as when i'm shaving my legs, beating 2 eggs to a supposedly airy confection (never airy, believe me-i'm a merengue failure)....ahhh i get it now..i have 3 little "mom mom mom!" voices next to me..and little is relative..and i suppose this will have to continue when i have my quiet time again..when the "uhhuh uhuh uhuh", "na uh na uh na uh" voices are asleep....

sooooo, in the future...barring any calamity (like a dropped stitch or something), i will be posting some of my stuff here. i have yet to figure out how to add pics-visual aids, i call them..or make some of the fancy stuff, links or oooh ahhh pretty extras...but i'm hoping that i can do that with my little stories. i've always loved picture books & lamented why they seem to take them out of "adult" books anymore. hey, there's those of us who are still secret dr. seuss readers! i promise myself i will finish a draft & post it (right now i have 5 unfinished, i think), back to my sweatshop..and see you next sunrise.