Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ok, so I'm hooked on these soaps that the talented people from Etsy have whipped up..literall­y. Ohmiiiigod! These things are dreamy..when­ you wash your body with them..just makes you feel sooooo delicious. Seriously. If your partner/wife­/hubby (yes, men, it's ok to use smelling good girlie soaps!!)/sig­nificant other/etc uses them, you'd just want to take a bite! :P

Anyhoo..chec­k these babies out!! I have a bunch of them, in different last night, I had chamomile honey..and now I smell like pina colada..I kid you not..the heavenly smell lingers! One of the office girls, Jan, has told me I smell yummy!! haha


and this, toohttp://www.­­­p?listing_id­=11593590­

The first one has body butter (buttah)­ really is like buttah!!! :D

So, for the brave, the adventurous.­.here you go..and enjoy!!

PS. I don't know the sellers of these things..they­ are total strangers..I­ just happened to stumbled upon them one of those boring evenings online..and got hooked!! :D