Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why aprons all of a sudden?

I started making aprons..and I love them! I don't know why, but they're soooo addicting. I plan on making more this weekend, too..and more purses. I've been slacking off on sewing..on a month-long hiatus, mainly cos my favorite baby (the Brother XL 6452) has been in the shop..just for a wee tuneup. The fixer-upper guy had been on vacation, so it's been a loooong, long wait. Boohoo. I love my serger, but it's just not the same, as everyone knows.

This is going to be a short post..just to show a couple of the aprons I've made. I can't find the pattern I made the first one from, though...I've already turned my sewing room upside down, inside out. *sad face* I have a feeling it's just sitting somewhere, not the usual place..and smirking.

Without further ado...

Action Shot #1-this is a scrumptious sushi fabric I got 50% off last Thanksgiving at Joann Fabrics, just screamed APRON ME!

Action Shot # 2 (with my daughter doing some weird camera stuff-she loves artsy-fartsy stuff, that I'm clueless about!)

The second one..yummy dessert fabrics..I think I got this at Joann's, too..I can't remember (old age). This was easy..all I did was cut a half-round pattern on the fabric, added a contrasting fabric (cut on the bias) for the hem..this is my favorite!

And lastly...a summery confection. With the weather soooo almost like arctic winter around here, I was just dying to make something that reminded me of cooking out (BBQ'ing), laying around in the hammock..and all the summery goodness!

Enjoy your week, everyone! Have a lovely weekend, too!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

That better not be pee falling...

So yeah..it snowed today..barel­y an inch, really. I was still excited, though..the first snow always does that to me..then by the time it's knee-deep, it's like..Dangit­! When's summer getting here already??? Dragged my tired azz to bed about 4ish, after a night of drunken debauchery..­ok, not really (unless one counts mooning your bestfriend as something salacious :P) & frantic OCD-cleaning­ after..anyho­o, that stupid alarm went off too soon (5:30..yeah,­ I'm an idiot)..and since I strategicall­y placed it on top of the tv, 15 ft away, I couldn't roll over & shut the bleeping thing off..had to get up..and all it took was 4 measly steps to wake me up (cursed with some insane hyperactivit­y). *yawn* Looked out & whoo..snowin­g! I dragged the protesting dog out, and stood there with my mouth open..trying­ to catch flakes..bela­tedly realizing..w­hat if!?!?!? :O Like I do every year. Still some childhood traditions are just soooo dang hard to break..and you stick your tongue out, throwing all caution to the wind..think,­ "pure mountain spring water".­ Works like a charm everytime. My tongue didn't get burned or anything..an­d the flakes really did taste like water. Yey me! The doggie was looking up at me like, "What a crazy woman. Now go fetch my food!" Sooo, I grudgingly went back in..called my friend, Mark (who was out at the bacchanalia with me), "Heeeee­y, guess what? It's snowing..loo­k out the window."­ I think he called me a few bad words & hung up on me. Thank God for speed dial.."­Hey, Shauntay..ha­ve you been out yet?" I don't know, it was all incoherent babble..and I think I heard a guy's voice, too! :O What the hell did I miss last night??? *sigh* I thought it would be a futile thing to keep doing..sprea­ding the joys of snow. So I went in..got my camera out..and took a couple of pics..I was hoping for some critters would come out & start playing in the snow..but pesky things were probably lazy, too. Unfortunatel­y, it didn't snow as much..so there's still some icky winter ground all over..but, this is the midwest..ano­ther couple of weeks..and we'll get some nice, white Christmas.

Shot of my small Japanese garden area...

And the pond area...