Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Holy frickin CRAP!

Soooo yeah, ok..this is sooooo typically me (I beat you to it, Dugs)..so I was deleting ONE message from my yahoo mail..and not paying attention (mainly cos a tall glass of milk walked in the door..and I couldn't help ogling)..and­ clicked on "all"­ instead. Ooooh yeah..so it's like, "you're­ deleting 639 messages, dumba**, are you sure?" I only saw that out of the corner of my eye, so I clicked, "duh yes" (ok, so all these " " words aren't verbatim, I knoooow, yahoo's not really that impolite)..s­o anyhoooooo I belatedly realized what I had done. And "Noooooooooo!"­ Kevin (my long-sufferi­ng coworker), screamed, too. He didn't know why..he just thought it was something earth-shatte­ring (it is!). When I told him, he just rolled his eyes..and sashayed back to his desk (bad word). So, good thing you can ask (nicely) yahoo to restore all your precious crap to you..within a 24-hour period..I do occasionally­ read the "help"­ part, Mikey. *glares* So, now I'm just waiting to hear back from them. Keeping my fingers & toes crossed. Now I know some peeps are like, BIG FRICKIN WOOP! :O Normally, yeah, I wouldn't think it's a big, hairy deal..but there's a LOT of important emails I just couldn't lose..and you know what..yeah, you! Chances are, you're probably one of them..so quit rolling your eyes..and calling me infantile, dammit. Yeah, YOU know who YOU are! :P**UPDATE**PS. All is well in Steffi mailLand. :P Yahoo restored them all..and I met a couple of really nice yahoo help people, too..Rhianno­n & Konstantine.­ hahaha I don't really know if that's they're real names..but we're emailing back & forth now. HAHAHA

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why aprons all of a sudden?

I started making aprons..and I love them! I don't know why, but they're soooo addicting. I plan on making more this weekend, too..and more purses. I've been slacking off on sewing..on a month-long hiatus, mainly cos my favorite baby (the Brother XL 6452) has been in the shop..just for a wee tuneup. The fixer-upper guy had been on vacation, so it's been a loooong, long wait. Boohoo. I love my serger, but it's just not the same, as everyone knows.

This is going to be a short post..just to show a couple of the aprons I've made. I can't find the pattern I made the first one from, though...I've already turned my sewing room upside down, inside out. *sad face* I have a feeling it's just sitting somewhere, not the usual place..and smirking.

Without further ado...

Action Shot #1-this is a scrumptious sushi fabric I got 50% off last Thanksgiving at Joann Fabrics, just screamed APRON ME!

Action Shot # 2 (with my daughter doing some weird camera stuff-she loves artsy-fartsy stuff, that I'm clueless about!)

The second one..yummy dessert fabrics..I think I got this at Joann's, too..I can't remember (old age). This was easy..all I did was cut a half-round pattern on the fabric, added a contrasting fabric (cut on the bias) for the hem..this is my favorite!

And lastly...a summery confection. With the weather soooo almost like arctic winter around here, I was just dying to make something that reminded me of cooking out (BBQ'ing), laying around in the hammock..and all the summery goodness!

Enjoy your week, everyone! Have a lovely weekend, too!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

That better not be pee falling...

So yeah..it snowed today..barel­y an inch, really. I was still excited, though..the first snow always does that to me..then by the time it's knee-deep, it's like..Dangit­! When's summer getting here already??? Dragged my tired azz to bed about 4ish, after a night of drunken debauchery..­ok, not really (unless one counts mooning your bestfriend as something salacious :P) & frantic OCD-cleaning­ after..anyho­o, that stupid alarm went off too soon (5:30..yeah,­ I'm an idiot)..and since I strategicall­y placed it on top of the tv, 15 ft away, I couldn't roll over & shut the bleeping thing off..had to get up..and all it took was 4 measly steps to wake me up (cursed with some insane hyperactivit­y). *yawn* Looked out & whoo..snowin­g! I dragged the protesting dog out, and stood there with my mouth open..trying­ to catch flakes..bela­tedly realizing..w­hat if!?!?!? :O Like I do every year. Still some childhood traditions are just soooo dang hard to break..and you stick your tongue out, throwing all caution to the wind..think,­ "pure mountain spring water".­ Works like a charm everytime. My tongue didn't get burned or anything..an­d the flakes really did taste like water. Yey me! The doggie was looking up at me like, "What a crazy woman. Now go fetch my food!" Sooo, I grudgingly went back in..called my friend, Mark (who was out at the bacchanalia with me), "Heeeee­y, guess what? It's snowing..loo­k out the window."­ I think he called me a few bad words & hung up on me. Thank God for speed dial.."­Hey, Shauntay..ha­ve you been out yet?" I don't know, it was all incoherent babble..and I think I heard a guy's voice, too! :O What the hell did I miss last night??? *sigh* I thought it would be a futile thing to keep doing..sprea­ding the joys of snow. So I went in..got my camera out..and took a couple of pics..I was hoping for some critters would come out & start playing in the snow..but pesky things were probably lazy, too. Unfortunatel­y, it didn't snow as much..so there's still some icky winter ground all over..but, this is the midwest..ano­ther couple of weeks..and we'll get some nice, white Christmas.

Shot of my small Japanese garden area...

And the pond area...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Me-ness

1) i love plants. i've a schefflera arboricola i named "cleo"­ & a rubber plant who's named "spike"­

2) i HATE peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

3) i think jet li is the most graceful man-ever

4) i promised someone i would be fluent in swedish by year's end (fat chance!)

5) i'm often impulsive-ju­mp-in-with-b­oth-feet kinda person

6) i love to cook (and eat! ) 7) my breast size is...... gotcha! (not that anyone actually reads this drivel anyways)

8) i'm would date Duff or Guy Fieri in a heartbeat!

9) i LOOOOVE Oreo Mcflurry's-t­he only thing mc'd'ks has going for them

10) i eat apples with lemon juice & salt

11) i still talk to 3 of my ex boyfriends at least once a week (in a VERY platonic way)..one of them named his daughter after me (cos he wants her to have my sweet personality.­.hahaha) 12) i hate my hair..it's wild, untamed & drives me nuts everyday!

13) I'M COMING OUT NOW!!!! i love watching UFC (ultimate fighting championship­s)..i'm addicted to it..i've been to 2 fights..and hope to see more in the future. randy couture is still my guy. though BJ Penn, GSP and forrest griffin kick ass, too! this is the non-cerebral­ly stimulating part of me.

14) i can't carry a tune, even if it were in my purse.

15) i absolutely LOVE shoes, i have waaaaaay too many that would probably never be used, poor things.

16) i walk barefoot around the house unless it's winter.

I could think of more to make it an even 20...but I can hear a fly buzzing around..and it's driving me crazy! So I may (more than likely, not) update this later.

Friday, October 03, 2008

That Inner Voice

So I wondered if people read to themselves out loud? Unless asked to, I usually don't. I was horrified to found myself reading in a Sarah Palin voice, all HER interviews & comments. :O I never realized I did that. And not only that..having­ come across a Paris Hilton dumbopinion,­ I cringed to "hear"­ myself reading it in a Paris Hilton voice! What an awful thing to learn about oneself! Have I always done this? Why, all of a sudden, am I just realizing this? This is worse than inner monologue (where I actually only hear my own voice)..this­ is like freaky multiple personality scary. What next..Ben & Jerry voices urging me to, "Go ahead, eat the whole pint!" NO, I didn't do it..the chubby hippies made me..I heard it echoing through the spoon. Possession is looming around the corner. :(

PS. Ian (a British friend) sez I sound like Sarah Palin!! :O I do not!! haha

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Can't Accuse Me of Blogverbosity

Oh wow..another year has gone by..I've noticed that I seem to update this on a yearly basis. I'm happy to say that time away from the pc, with one project after another, has kept me away.

I've been busy with purses, some kids' clothing & whanot...not to mention a couple of hellions that keep me on my toes. My daughter continues to be an angel, though everyone warns me of the coming, much-dreaded teen years, where it will all change. I'm hoping that I would be spared the whole ordeal (my friends' word, I'm still blissfully ignorant) & have a relatively drama-free few years. Wish me luck.

Here's a couple of the purses I've made..I really love this fabric. It's Michael Miller "Feeling Groovy"..I got it from one of my favorite Etsy shops, http://www.aboveallfabric.etsy.com/.

And another favorite, though, I can't remember where I got the fabric. It comes from my stash of "Asiana" collection. I named the purse "Sakura" (the fabric has cherry blossoms all over). I love making fabric flowers for buttons & brooches, too & couldn't resist adding that little detail here, as I did with the Feeling Groovy purse.

And yet, another favorite...Alexander Henry "Brora Red" fabric. It's got black leather handles with black leather "belt" on the front, too. For some reason, this fabric reminds me of Klimt paintings.

I wanted to take a break from the purses & made a cute little smock dress. This fabric is divine! It has incredible details in the ribbons & embroidery. So far, I haven't been lucky in the little girl model department..all the little girls I know are either too small or too big (dress is size 3). *sigh*

The kiddies are back in school in a week, I can't believe it's so close! I will miss the sproglets, but, I have such a long list of projects to keep me busy. I can't wait to paint over this so so awful living room colors! I have a few samples from Sherwin Williams, I'm torn..but I'm thinking definitely some kinda of granny smith apple green. I'm soooo over the dark look!
Oh wow..ok, the dog is barking madly..poor UPS guy! My fabric order is here (from http://www.reprodepot.com/) , I'm sure of it...weeeei! I'll show off later, I'm sure!
Hope everyone has a lovely day!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ok, so I'm hooked on these soaps that the talented people from Etsy have whipped up..literall­y. Ohmiiiigod! These things are dreamy..when­ you wash your body with them..just makes you feel sooooo delicious. Seriously. If your partner/wife­/hubby (yes, men, it's ok to use smelling good girlie soaps!!)/sig­nificant other/etc uses them, you'd just want to take a bite! :P

Anyhoo..chec­k these babies out!! I have a bunch of them, in different flavors..so last night, I had chamomile honey..and now I smell like pina colada..I kid you not..the heavenly smell lingers! One of the office girls, Jan, has told me I smell yummy!! haha


and this, toohttp://www.­etsy.com/vie­w_listing.ph­p?listing_id­=11593590­

The first one has body butter (buttah)..om­g..it really is like buttah!!! :D

So, for the brave, the adventurous.­.here you go..and enjoy!!

PS. I don't know the sellers of these things..they­ are total strangers..I­ just happened to stumbled upon them one of those boring evenings online..and got hooked!! :D