Friday, October 03, 2008

That Inner Voice

So I wondered if people read to themselves out loud? Unless asked to, I usually don't. I was horrified to found myself reading in a Sarah Palin voice, all HER interviews & comments. :O I never realized I did that. And not only that..having­ come across a Paris Hilton dumbopinion,­ I cringed to "hear"­ myself reading it in a Paris Hilton voice! What an awful thing to learn about oneself! Have I always done this? Why, all of a sudden, am I just realizing this? This is worse than inner monologue (where I actually only hear my own voice)..this­ is like freaky multiple personality scary. What next..Ben & Jerry voices urging me to, "Go ahead, eat the whole pint!" NO, I didn't do it..the chubby hippies made me..I heard it echoing through the spoon. Possession is looming around the corner. :(

PS. Ian (a British friend) sez I sound like Sarah Palin!! :O I do not!! haha

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