Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Me-ness

1) i love plants. i've a schefflera arboricola i named "cleo"­ & a rubber plant who's named "spike"­

2) i HATE peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

3) i think jet li is the most graceful man-ever

4) i promised someone i would be fluent in swedish by year's end (fat chance!)

5) i'm often impulsive-ju­mp-in-with-b­oth-feet kinda person

6) i love to cook (and eat! ) 7) my breast size is...... gotcha! (not that anyone actually reads this drivel anyways)

8) i'm would date Duff or Guy Fieri in a heartbeat!

9) i LOOOOVE Oreo Mcflurry's-t­he only thing mc'd'ks has going for them

10) i eat apples with lemon juice & salt

11) i still talk to 3 of my ex boyfriends at least once a week (in a VERY platonic way) of them named his daughter after me (cos he wants her to have my sweet personality.­.hahaha) 12) i hate my's wild, untamed & drives me nuts everyday!

13) I'M COMING OUT NOW!!!! i love watching UFC (ultimate fighting championship­s)..i'm addicted to it..i've been to 2 fights..and hope to see more in the future. randy couture is still my guy. though BJ Penn, GSP and forrest griffin kick ass, too! this is the non-cerebral­ly stimulating part of me.

14) i can't carry a tune, even if it were in my purse.

15) i absolutely LOVE shoes, i have waaaaaay too many that would probably never be used, poor things.

16) i walk barefoot around the house unless it's winter.

I could think of more to make it an even 20...but I can hear a fly buzzing around..and it's driving me crazy! So I may (more than likely, not) update this later.

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