Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Holy frickin CRAP!

Soooo yeah, ok..this is sooooo typically me (I beat you to it, Dugs)..so I was deleting ONE message from my yahoo mail..and not paying attention (mainly cos a tall glass of milk walked in the door..and I couldn't help ogling)..and­ clicked on "all"­ instead. Ooooh yeah..so it's like, "you're­ deleting 639 messages, dumba**, are you sure?" I only saw that out of the corner of my eye, so I clicked, "duh yes" (ok, so all these " " words aren't verbatim, I knoooow, yahoo's not really that impolite)..s­o anyhoooooo I belatedly realized what I had done. And "Noooooooooo!"­ Kevin (my long-sufferi­ng coworker), screamed, too. He didn't know why..he just thought it was something earth-shatte­ring (it is!). When I told him, he just rolled his eyes..and sashayed back to his desk (bad word). So, good thing you can ask (nicely) yahoo to restore all your precious crap to you..within a 24-hour period..I do occasionally­ read the "help"­ part, Mikey. *glares* So, now I'm just waiting to hear back from them. Keeping my fingers & toes crossed. Now I know some peeps are like, BIG FRICKIN WOOP! :O Normally, yeah, I wouldn't think it's a big, hairy deal..but there's a LOT of important emails I just couldn't lose..and you know what..yeah, you! Chances are, you're probably one of them..so quit rolling your eyes..and calling me infantile, dammit. Yeah, YOU know who YOU are! :P**UPDATE**PS. All is well in Steffi mailLand. :P Yahoo restored them all..and I met a couple of really nice yahoo help people, too..Rhianno­n & Konstantine.­ hahaha I don't really know if that's they're real names..but we're emailing back & forth now. HAHAHA

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