Friday, January 02, 2009

2008..the Good, the Bad & the Nauseating

Goodbye to the old gal. In with the new, hopefully fabulous year. Summarizing the rather full, arduous year in a few sentences...

I discovered myself. I found out I'm stronger than I had thought myself to be.

I lost weight, gained a wonderful outlook in life & am now a bit of a fitness freak.

I can be obssessed with food, have a great relationship with it, even, without being self-destructive about it. Cook/bake for others..with love. Often. Baked goodies make wonderful presents.

My short attention span has led to the demise of my creativity. Will rehab this in 09.

Gardening is a pleasure that can be shared with someone else. (I had been a lone-gardener, zealously defending my artwork..ha!) Namely my neighbor, Susan, who has helped me pull more weeds, dug more holes & raked more leaves with the enthusiasm of a cheerleader. Hurray!

My kids are getting as tall as I am.

My love for House & Eureka borders on the addicted side.

I colored my daughter's hair the following (sometimes at the same time): teal, pink, fuschia, purple & blazing red..without batting an eyelash. Let her get the upper part of her ear pierced..told her (with fingers crossed, of course), if she wanted to have her nose, eyebrow or lip done..or heck, get a tattoo, I would take her, but she would have to pay for them (she's a notorious spendthrift!). I AM that cool mom!

I love playing Wii. That being said, I'm horrible at almost all the games apart from golf, bowling, tennis & Wario Ware Smooth Moves.

I still hate winter.

I bought Christmas presents to myself without that feeling of gnawing guilt in my stomach.

I can enjoy a nice bottle of mojito without overdoing it. And become philosophical-but-not-annoyingly-so-you're-hella-funny-Steff-you-should-drink-more..and let my hair down.

I lived through another year with all my limbs intact, my faith in human nature tarnished-but-still-present, only flipping off other motorists less than 20 times (not bad for a WHOLE year) & strengthened my relationship with family & friends.

I can't wait to take 2009 on.

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